We sell our puppies as companions with Limited AKC registration to be spayed or neutered. Show prospects are occasionally available to breeders who share our goals in a breeding program and co-ownership is required. If interested in a puppy for show and breeding, contact me for availability and terms.
We do NOT sell puppies to anyone producing any form of "doodles" or other mixes.

All potential homes are required to fill out an application to help us in matching the right home for our puppies. Perspective buyers require two references I can speak with personally. Even with two good references I still have the right to refuse placement if I feel the home is not a good match for the individual puppy. We also require all buyers to sign a Contract. *Contact Gloria if you would like to view a copy of our Contract.

Upcoming Litters

Updated: 5/7/2023

Unfortunately, we will not be having a litter of Standard Poodles this year. 
While we do plan to have another litter of Standard Poodles, it will most likely be late 2023 to early 2024. 

Our next planned litter of Miniature Poodles would be Fall of 2023. 


If you would like to reserve a future puppy please contact Gloria for more information on our policies for leaving a deposit. 
Deposits are non-refundable, except in the event that the desired color, sex, or temperament is not available.

Current Litters

Updated: 5/6/2023
We are planning our next litter of Miniature Poodles later this year. 
Timing of these litters depends on when our girl comes into season, but likely to be born in Fall of 2023.

Available Puppies

Updated: 5/7/2023

We have no puppies available at this time. 

Available Adults & Young Adults


We have no adults or young adults available.